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Steve Page


A collection of characters that started off as a pencil sketch then scanned and coloured in Photoshop. Most have a story behind them or an idea that led to their creation.

The Capt’n Burnt Butt

I want to break free!…

Two dragons

He has a plan… Not a good plan, but a plan!

He was sick of smashing, fighting and doing other Orc things… All he wanted was to dance!

Blue or brown? What colour is a troll?

a sabre-tooth lynx cat creature

The grumpy dwarf… ain’t all dwarves grumpy?

Nora and Edith, residents of the sunny valley retirement home… and the criminal masterminds behind the plan to steal the worlds supply of… chickens

The nomadic stilt farmer. Wandering the landscape for the rare Stilt

What happens when the thaw comes?

Wanna bit of pie?!… One slice or two?

Jest a dude

When carrots go bad.

A little wild west dude…

… and now for something completely different…

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